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Als professionelles Umzugsunternehmen bieten wir Ihnen an, im Rahmen Ihres Umzugs ein amtliches Halteverbot, zu einem Pauschalfestpreis, einzurichten. Die erforderlichen Genemigungen werden durch uns beantragt sowie die Absperrungen rechtzeitig zu Ihrem Umzug vorschriftsmäßig aufgebaut und protokolliert. Der Abbau der Schilder ist ebenfalls in der Pauschale inkludiert. Bitte beachten Sie, dass hierzu ein gewisser Vorlauf von […]

Moving Expenses

How to calculate the cost of moving The pricing at Beca Removals are transparent and can be easily compared. In addition to the distance between the old and new residence, we calculate the required man-hours additionally of the professional staff. Important for this calculation are the floors to be removed as well as the assembly […]


Clearances with proof of disposal Do you think you have no benefit from individual items even in the long term? Here, too, you benefit from our service as an all-round removal company. We dispose of all furniture, electrical appliances, curtains, wallpaper, floor coverings, carpets and much more. Of course, you will receive a corresponding disposal […]

Packing Service

Packing service – we make sure that your belongings are safely packed! We can not only pack vigorously, but also carefully pack and unpack! With our packing service you make the upcoming move easier for yourself, free up time and put the fine china, glass vases and lots of other items in good, professional hands […]


Let the professionals do it: assembly service from the experts You are faced with the challenge of having to assemble furniture, lamps, curtain rods & Co. and have neither the time nor the appropriate skills? So that everything is securely fastened in its intended place and you do not have to expect unpleasant surprises, our […]


Storage in Munich- how to store your belongings during a move Space is a commodity that is often needed but rarely available. Are you moving and facing a huge mountain of furniture, boxes and files that take your breath away? Don’t worry – there is a solution to your storage problem: our moving company with […]

Senior Move

Your reliable partner for moving seniors In principle, a move is always a very energy-sapping and stressful affair. For older people, however, it is usually almost impossible to cope, especially since there are not always relatives who can help with the senior move. And even if there were: After all, the many boxes and furniture […]

Company Relocation

Professional company relocations in Munich: efficient, reliable and safe Moving offices, stores, workshops and factories is a complex undertaking. As a competent moving company in Munich, we demonstrate a great deal of experience and impressive know-how in this difficult task. We master corporate relocations of all kinds: on time, professionally and cost-effectively. Our dedicated team […]

Private Move

Private moves – move stress and worry free! A move always has to be stressful, expensive and nerve-wracking? Not at all, if you choose a strong partner at your side! We specialize in moves of all kinds, including classic private moves to another street, city, distant state or perhaps even abroad. Whether you are single, […]

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