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Company Relocation

Professional company relocations in Munich: efficient, reliable and safe

Moving offices, stores, workshops and factories is a complex undertaking. As a competent moving company in Munich, we demonstrate a great deal of experience and impressive know-how in this difficult task. We master corporate relocations of all kinds: on time, professionally and cost-effectively. Our dedicated team of movers will provide you with comprehensive support. Relieve yourself of the massive effort of a commercial relocation and leave the organization as well as the execution to us. This way you can continue to concentrate on your core business!

A wide range of services for company relocation in Munich
  • All-inclusive service provider
  • Disassembly of furniture and technical equipment
  • Careful packing of the complete removal goods and reassembly at the destination address
  • Final cleaning of the office space
  • Disposing of old unusable items, in a professional and environmentally friendly manner

Corporate moves are usually much more extensive than a private move. In many cases, the move takes several days. In addition, many moves are characterized by the variety of goods being moved. Office equipment, office furniture, sales items, stock, work equipment, machinery: depending on the type of business, the removal goods can include many different items. Therefore, a detailed preparation of the company move is indispensable. After an inspection of your current location, we will prepare a detailed moving plan in which we will record the exact sequence of the move. In the case of moves lasting several days, we proceed step by step: In the case of offices, for example, we move goods from one department to the next. In this way, we enable your business operations to run largely undisturbed. Some departments are already working at the new address, while others can still perform their tasks at the previous address. You can rely on us to meticulously adhere to the time specifications in our relocation plan!

Corporate relocations require the highest level of expertise and a well-trained team: we offer you both! With our many years of experience in corporate relocations and our qualified employees, we ensure a smooth corporate relocation in Berlin and the surrounding area. At the same time, we carry out the move efficiently. Our energetic movers quickly transport your moving goods to your new location using innovative technology. Our powerful fleet of vehicles accelerates your commercial move. We have the right transporters and trucks for every need.

Book your suitable service package for the company relocation!
With us you decide flexibly for a customized support for your company relocation. Would you like a complete service? Or do you need targeted support in individual areas? We will agree with you on the ideal service package that precisely meets your requirements. During an on-site visit, we will provide you with thorough advice and then submit a transparent cost estimate.

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