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Moving Expenses

How to calculate the cost of moving

The pricing at Beca Removals are transparent and can be easily compared. In addition to the distance between the old and new residence, we calculate the required man-hours additionally of the professional staff. Important for this calculation are the floors to be removed as well as the assembly work of your furnishings. The volume to be transported is calculated on the basis of a list.

Optionally, you can have packing materials such as cardboard boxes, bubble wrap or adhesive tape delivered by your moving company in advance and picked up again afterwards. Furthermore, we offer a comprehensive packing and unpacking service that takes all the hassle out of the move. Additional tools used by the removal company, such as inclined elevators, which shortens the time of carrying, will be tendered separately.

From when a move company is profitable

In many cases, the move in Munich is paid by the employer or offices. In this case, you should definitely hire a moving company. A rough guideline is: From a volume of two “sprinters” a removal company is profitable. Besides the effort, it is also about the time you save and last but not least the risk. If we cause damage to furniture, in narrow staircases or rooms, we are of course insured and will pay for it.

Our services in the field of moving:
  • Private move
  • Company relocation
  • Senior move
  • Storage
  • Mounting
  • Disposal
  • Moving expenses
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