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Packing Service

Packing service – we make sure that your belongings are safely packed!

We can not only pack vigorously, but also carefully pack and unpack! With our packing service you make the upcoming move easier for yourself, free up time and put the fine china, glass vases and lots of other items in good, professional hands – not just during the move itself, but already beforehand during packing. Our packing service is an additional service that we offer you in addition to the move you order from us.

As an experienced moving service provider and freight forwarder, we take a full-service approach. Moving always involves effort, stress and a lot of preparation – even without the hassle of packing and unpacking. You have to deal with the authorities and often have to cope with your daily work and private life at the same time. So it’s good to know that you have a moving partner by your side on whom you can fully rely, from planning to packing to transport.

Our packing service always offers you advantages, by no means only with regard to a time relief on your part. Our expert employees know how to carefully pack individual items from your household so that they survive the trip in the truck and all further handling safely and completely undamaged. This is especially important for items that quickly become perishable – for example, those made of porcelain and glass. We use special packing techniques and highly professional materials to protect the surfaces and keep these fragile things from rough shocks.

If necessary, our employees will come to you even before the actual moving date and prepare everything. Then, on the actual moving day, things will go very quickly, which is of course in your interest!

With our packing service you are always on the safe side. Not only with your fine porcelain tableware or the noble glass vase, but also with regard to pieces of furniture and decorative items with sensitive surfaces. Our experienced employees always show tact and care when handling your furniture, and at the same time we pack it with special covers, cardboard and furniture blankets as part of our packing service. Thanks to our experience, we are able to choose the right packaging for each piece of furniture and household item, which will provide them with the best possible protection.

This also applies to (high) art. If you have sculptures, chandeliers, paintings and other artistic decorative items in your household, we can store them separately for you. For this purpose, we have special, spacious case systems in which they are stored separately from the rest of the furniture, safe from external influences. Once you arrive at your new home, our packing service staff will of course help you to unpack them again safely and carefully. During an initial on-site inspection and in a joint discussion with you, we determine in advance which packing materials are needed and which items in the household require special attention.

We pack with brains, system and all kinds of efficient tools! Book our packing service for your move, so that all your fine things arrive undamaged in the new four walls – which at the same time secures you further time freedom during the moving phase.

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