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Private Move

Private moves – move stress and worry free!

A move always has to be stressful, expensive and nerve-wracking? Not at all, if you choose a strong partner at your side! We specialize in moves of all kinds, including classic private moves to another street, city, distant state or perhaps even abroad. Whether you are single, a couple, a family or a senior citizen, our staff will coordinate your move with the utmost effectiveness – and know how to tackle it as carefully as they do powerfully!

Would you like to know more about us? Some of our services at a glance:
  • We carry out removals within the city, nationwide and also abroad.
  • We offer our customers flexible on-site appointments at short notice, for example for inspections.
  • If necessary, you can book our packing service, then we will pack your household optimally protected.
  • We set up private no-stopping zones, if that is necessary on site.
  • When you place an order, we will send you moving and packing materials free of charge.

You should be able to trust the forwarding agency for private removals. It is their employees who transport your dearest books, fine tableware and large and small furniture from A to B – through narrow staircases, to different floors, in wind and weather! Therefore, our professional employees consistently take care to handle your belongings with care and attention. If you wish, we can even take care of professional packing of all small and large items – just use our professional packing service!

Fair pricing is a matter of course for us. We carry out private removals every day, and we always make sure to invoice our customers for all costs in a fair and transparent manner. Of course, we can provide you with a cost estimate in advance. In the course of this we get an overview on site and estimate on the basis of the interior how many employees will be needed on site on moving day. You yourself do not have to worry about anything, at least during the move itself!

When dismantling and assembling furniture, our experienced employees handle your furniture carefully. They will be dismantled as gently as possible, using professional tools, and professionally reassembled in the new apartment or house. During the move, pieces of furniture and other smaller items from your household are stowed in the truck in such a way that there is no unnecessary friction between them. We will also provide padding if needed.

We are happy to explain to our customers in detail the procedure on the day of the move. You can consistently rely on a punctual arrival and serious appearance of our employees. If you receive state transfer payments or if you would like to deduct the private move from your taxes, we can also advise you in this regard. In the course of this, it is advantageous that many benefits can be recorded via lump sums. In the case of recipients of transfer payments, we can even carry out a direct settlement with the job center or social welfare office.

A move is always as individual as your new home will be! We will therefore be happy to discuss everything else with you personally. You already know when you want to move? Contact our team now! This way we can already plan the first on-site visit.

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