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Storage in Munich- how to store your belongings during a move

Space is a commodity that is often needed but rarely available. Are you moving and facing a huge mountain of furniture, boxes and files that take your breath away? Don’t worry – there is a solution to your storage problem: our moving company with storage facilities for your personal or business needs. After all, not everything has to move to a new home right away. Some belongings can be put into storage and picked up at a later date, whenever you wish. We see ourselves as your professional partner who supports you with a storage facility in Munich.

What distinguishes our storage facility in Munich?

In Munich, we have provided for your storage problem with a furniture warehouse. Since especially furniture, but also other household items do not easily tolerate temperature fluctuations, our clean furniture storage is dry and heated, so that your property is protected from the cold. In addition, we offer storage boxes in different sizes, which can be closed separately. This has the advantage that several boxes can be stored together. Also swap bodies as well as our open spaces can be used to store your moving boxes & Co. if desired. Security is our top priority. Therefore, our warehouse in Munich is secured 24/7, so that your belongings are in good hands with us and protected from third parties.

Whether it is a move or long-term storage: You determine the length of the storage yourself according to your individual requirements. Even if you have to handle an overseas transport, you can use our storage facility in Munich in the pre- and post-carriage.

If you wish, we offer you self-storage (self-storage), where the storage times are to be taken into account. Here you can store your private and commercial property in your own storage room. Only you have access to it – flexible and uncomplicated. Just as it suits your schedule.

The swap body is a modern system where the stored goods are touched only once. This means that with our storage container we collect your stored goods directly at your doorstep. It remains in the container until it is to be removed from storage again.

Put your stored goods in Munich in our hands. Our professional team will take care of the collection and storage of your furniture or other items to be placed in the open space.

In order for the storage in Munich to proceed without damage, we recommend that you attach importance to careful packaging of the stored goods. Bubble wrap is suitable for sensitive items such as pictures, mirrors or electrical appliances. When storing refrigerators, take into account that they should ideally be stored with an open door. They should also be empty, dry and clean. In this way, odor and mold can be avoided.

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